Are hyperlinks really that serious?

“Link unto other’ good stuff as you would have them link unto your good stuff.” – Jeff Jarvis, journalist professor

This golden rule of hyperlinks seems fair enough.  As I previously discussed, hyperlinks have the ability to either increase or decrease a website’s credibility (linking to a sketchy page would obviously decrease credibility, and vice versa).  However, some of Carr’s comments on the correct way to hyperlink seem a bit old fashioned.  He states that links should be short and concise, which I totally agree with, but don’t you think the appearance of the link should be more dependent upon the type of medium you’re creating content for?  Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with a link back to my homepage, or a link back to my super dope homepage…. and I actually think I find the second link more interesting.  Creative links will definitely be something I incorporate in my blogging style because as someone whose grown up in the age of computers, I don’t think I’ve ever been distracted by a link or what it says.  I just need the link to be clear enough to let me know where I’m headed next.  I also don’t think that hyperlinks take away from the appearance of a webpage.

I also agree with Carr’s idea that cute headlines aren’t always beneficial when you’re searching for information.  I never considered that fact though.  To me, it seems like I always read the article with the best title.  Just something to consider the next time you’re stuck searching for a blog title.  Maybe you could try a catchy deck head instead, and tags always work to make sure your story pops up on search engines.

Discussion Question

1. So are hyperlinks really that serious????? Like, seriously.


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