IG, Twitter, Facebook: They’re all blogs

Reading: Digital Media and Society by Rettberg, Chapter 6: Blogging Brands

Have you ever considered the different functions that blogs hold? Like, REALLY thought about it?

Some are strictly personal, providing writers a public, yet creative means of expression.

In more common occasions, blogs are being used to generate revenue.  Bloggers make about half a billion annually in US revenue, and that’s nothing to sneeze at considering the novelty of the field.  On Instagram, I follow quite a few accounts that could easily be classified as “Insta-bloggers”.  @iAmPerez is the popular, highly opinionated, and controversial fashion account of a claimed blogger who has created quite a buzz on the social media scene.  And I say “claimed” blogger because when I searched for a physical blog outside of social media, I couldn’t find one.  Does that mean he isn’t a blogger though?  The term is so loose that its hard to determine.


IMG_6991 IMG_3626

His page has many of the characteristics:

ImageAdvertisements for other people and businesses (which is a characteristic of a credible blog).

ImagePersonal stories & a two-way conversation with his audience

ImageA theme

ImageFun features that appeal to his audience (videos, photos, etc).

The only issue is that the amount of text is sparse, but this is due to the specific medium (Instagram).  However, I will say that viewing @iAmPerez as a blog helps me to understand how to incorporate a personal edge to my blog without making it seem like a diary.  And YES I understand that this is an example of a very established blog (well, at least established to his audience.  Perez is quite popular), but it definitely gives a great example as to how people can take a blog and make it their careers.

Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. -Confucius


And that’s another point, I’ve never been a blog reader.  I tend to stick to social media and quickly browse dozens of posts in a matter of minutes.  In other words, I don’t exactly know what my audience expects of me because I don’t know how to relate to what they’re use to.  So I’ll be spending the next couple of days blog surfing.  I’ll be searching for different techniques and style ideas that catch my eye.

My final point: many bloggers who do so for pleasure  view it as just that: pleasure.  In a Marqui example where 15 high-profile bloggers were hired to blog for the because company, most of the bloggers quit the job after their 3-month contracts expired because “it [being forced to write] had made the whole process of blogging difficult for them.”

With that considered, how great will a blog for a class be if I’m being pressured to post on a biweekly schedule?  Don’t misunderstand me, I definitely enjoy my blogging activities and wish I had more time to devote to them.  But with chemistry, Spanish, and religion classes along with two jobs, an internship, and numerous organizations, you could say I’m pressed for time.  Does that effect the quality of my blog? Yes. Does that effect the amount of enjoyment I get from blogging? Definitely.  But I’m sure that in the end I’ll be blogging about how great the experience was and all that jazz.
Discussion Questions:

1. What influence do blog of different sorts have on your life?

2.Do you pay more attention to bloggers who blog for their paychecks? Or the ones who blog for fun? Which blogs do you think are actually more successful?


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