The evolution of diversity at furman university

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Hello all! This slideshow attempts to portray the evolution of diversity at my future alma mater, Furman University.

A little background information, Furman is a small private liberal arts school in Greenville, South Carolina thats about 7% multicultural (that’s a high estimate) with the rest of the students being, well, white.

The first few pictures are through an aged filter because they depict Furman way back when it had little to no diversity. My first transition occurs when switch from a picture of a much older Furman football team, still through an aged sepia lens, to a picture of the current football team in full color. From then it shows pictures of current Furman, which is a bit better. You an see the emphasis on diversity through the different diversity suites, multicultural pamphlets, event posters, and the like. My next transition may be a bit harder to spot. It comes after the staged picture of one indian, white, and black (yea, that’s me) multicultural students together against huge backgrounds of students of different races. To me, that picture shows the type of diversity that Furman advertises. Yes, there is diversity. But is it that obvious? That bright and vibrant? NO. The picture before the one I just discussed is more of true Furman diversity. There are many students sitting around talking, but no bells and whistles. Just friends being natural friends. After the posed photo of the trio, I hint some of the less attractive sides of diversity at Furman, such as a segregated lunch table, a flowery brochure, and a more accurate depiction of the number of multicultural students at Furman.

Some of My Edits:

1posters IMG_4900 copyI smudged all of the posters that didn’t have to do with anything “diverse” or “multicultural”, which in turn draws your eye to the posters that aren’t distorted.

2real thing_edited-3 IMG_4982To emphasize this black history banner, I cropped  around it, blurred out the background, and added contrast to the red. I didn’t crop too tightly because I wanted the other banners to still be visible, just not the focus.

3welcome to fu copy IMG_4957To emphasize Furman “back in the day”, I used an old photo filter on Photoshop. I also cropped tightly around it in an effort that you can see the “established in 1826” at the bottom.
boys at lunch2 IMG_4968I made decreased the color saturation in this picture to depict that sometimes diversity issues aren’t as colorful as people make them out to be. Sometimes they’re just there and the issue is more due to the fact that some groups relate better to each other than others. I’m not making an excuse for segregation of any sort, but I’m saying that there isn’t always some elaborate reason as to why friendships are made.

5 IMG_4974rea & judy dos_edited-1I brightened this photo and cropped out the majority of the white space to make the pictures on the walls stand out more, creating an almost unrealistically perfectly unified illusion. This represents the image of diversity that many colleges try to “sell” through brochures and their websites.


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