Open Sky: Part 2

Reading: Open Sky by Paul Virillio, Part 2

As I continue to read Open Sky, I’m understanding a bit more. In this section, Virillio discusses how technology is getting more advanced. Technology is smaller, and that size difference is allowing it to do even more things. For instance, he says that one day we’ll be able to use tiny robots to unclog our arteries and such. And to be honest, is that really that bad? At this point, I understand why Virilio is afraid of change (he ended part one by explaining that with the train came the invention of the train wreck, so we should be prepared for technology to “wreck” as well), but at the same time I just don’t understand how he can make these assumptions based off of something you can’t really predict. Technology isn’t like a lot of these previous inventions. Its not linear, and the things it can do are not linear. You just kind of have to go with the flow. As someone who’s grown up in this age of technology (as well as someone whose read numerous articles on technological advances and capabilities), I’m aware that technology revolves around the needs of humans. Yes technology is able to perform great feats, but those feats are for us.

cool brainsI’m kind of fed up with Virilio. But oh well. Still one part to go.


Discussion Questions

1. For those of you who grew up in the age of technology, do you think we should really be this concerned with the speed of technological advancement?


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