My Newest Project :)

Our class’s next project deals with taking the slideshow I did a few weeks ago and expanding the idea into a 5 minute video. I’ve done video projects before for different classes and organizations, so I’m banking on that experience to help me with this one.

I’m going to take the diversity idea and try to expand it to a more current depiction. I’ll definitely talk a bit about the history of diversity at Furman, but I want this project to focus more on the student body, faculty members, and diverse programs. I sketched out a story board…… its quite rough.

storyboard 1 storyboard 2Basically, I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. The only things that I’m sure of are that I’m going to interview different faculty members who are knowledgeable about the history of diversity at Furman, as well as our current standing with diversity. I’m also going to interview the heads of different multicultural organizations and see how active they are on campus.

That’s where I draw a blank. I guess I’m going to gather footage and see where it takes me.


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